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  • Phoebe 1

    A Race Against Time

    Phoebe had diarrhoea and had been vomiting so much that her bones were visible through her baggy skin. She had lost so much weight that she weighed half what a healthy 18-month-old should

  • thumbnail ebola


    Lydiah was eight years old when she was orphaned. When the Ebola virus reached her homeland of Sierra Leone, it took her mother, her grandmother and her aunt. Lydiah didn’t even get to hug her family goodbye.

  • thumbnail donkey library

    Donkey library

    A donkey library is giving children growing up in some of the most remote rural villages of Ethiopia the life-changing opportunity of learning to read.

  • thumbnail living with hunger

    Living with hunger

    Nyatot urged her family to keep walking for their lives. When war broke out near the border of Sudan and South Sudan, the widow knew she had to get her mother and three children to safety in the south.