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A lack of medical facilities isn’t the only problem Mako, aged 35, is facing. Severe drought across southern and eastern Ethiopia has meant nearly all life has dried up. It is estimated that 7.5 million people in Ethiopia are in urgent need of humanitarian help.

In Mako’s village, the school has closed, the teacher gone. The market place has shut. The family used to have a herd of 50 sheep and goats. Now they only have one cow. Drinking water is scarce, and the pastures are parched.

Save The Children is giving Mako’s son, Hamsa, aged 4, medical care. The family is receiving emergency food rations, and has been given a donkey so they can travel to a water source and bring it back for the family. Across the Somali and Oromiya regions, Save the Children is providing water, food and sanitation for families like Mako’s, and helping to treat and feed starving cattle.