Tena Koe Waiata


Not only is Te Reo Māori an official language in Aotearoa, but under the UN Convention on the Rights of the Child, children have a right to speak their own language, and the convention recognises that minority languages need extra protection. We all have a responsibility to create an inclusive society in which we embrace, promote and treasure all linguistic diversity.

Tēnā Koe is a popular waiata* in classrooms across Aotearoa. In this activity, children cut and paste the missing words and bring the lyrics home to teach their families about these greetings. 

* We were unable to find the original artist of this classic classroom tune – if you are aware, please let us know at education@scnz.org.nz so that we can give full credit for this beautiful waiata.

Tena Koe Waiata cut and paste by Elisabeth Fraser

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