Back to School Bundle

The beginning of the school year is a critical time to establish an inclusive classroom culture, and investing in this at the begin of the year will have great returns every day of the year.

Not only does an inclusive classroom create a warm and enjoyable environment to be in, it is the right of every child to be included. Inclusion not only feels good, but it also ensures every child gets equal access to the education that they are entitled to.

Simple modifications and adaptations to school life are what enables this. However sometimes the idea that we should treat everyone exactly the same, can confuse students when considering fairness and equity.

Establishing an inclusive classroom culture needs everyone on-board, and that includes your students. These lessons help establish a culture where our differences are celebrated and supported.

This bundle includes our:

  • Children’s rights flyer – display this in your class to begin children on their rights journey – because children who know their rights are more likely to speak up for themselves and others when they see injustice.
  • Inclusion Calendar – make sure you never miss a significant day in your student’s lives.
  • Inclusion survey – involve families and ensure their home cultures are recognised at school.
  • Band-Aid lesson
  • Fairness value line lesson
Back to School Bundle Preview by Elisabeth Fraser

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