Save the Children’s search and rescue vessel in the Mediterranean, Vos Hestia, rescued more than 100 refugees and migrants including many small children last week, after more than 240 people were killed in a horrific ship wreck 24 hours earlier.

The sad news of two young children in particular, losing their mother - continues to shake many. The two children were on board a boat ferrying them from North Africa to Europe. A decision this mother made to provide her children with a better future - ultimately cost her, her life

These two children now alone, with no family are under the care of our child protection teams who will work tirelessly to ensure the right support is given to them and others suffering trauma.

 “Two young children have witnessed their mother die in unspeakable circumstances. There are no words to describe the horrific events we have witnessed over the past 24 hours.”, said Roger Alonso – Team Leader, on the Vos Hestia.

 Save the Children will continue their hands on approach in assisting rescue operations, all of which can be made possible by your continued support. We have repeatedly called on the EU to provide safe and legal routes into Europe appose to protecting borders. We want to see resettlement support, humanitarian visas and other forms of humanitarian admission which should help minimum standards of protection, particularly for the vulnerable – young children and women.

This year alone has been the deadliest year on record for the crossing the Mediterranean. 4,100 people have died trying to make it to Europe from North Africa. The journey so dangerous, the likelihood of dying whilst making the crossing is now 1 for every 45 arrivals.

Save the Children have rescued more than 1,300 people, including more than 200 children, please help us prevent more people losing their lives at sea *Donate Now*