Barbara Dawn left a gift in her Will so that her commitment to helping the world's children could continue well into the future. Read how Barbara's vision for children is being realised. 

Barbara and her brother Bob led quiet lives in Auckland, preferring to spend their money on helping others rather than on themselves. They chose to continue their support beyond their lifetimes by leaving a gift in their Will to Save the Children.

Thanks to Barbara’s and Bob’s generosity we’re launching a new health programme in Nepal! This programme will provide maternal and new-born services to mothers and children under three in north-east Nepal.

We’ll build health facilities and birthing centres and provide health and nutrition training to health workers and caregivers. This vital programme will ensure children both survive and thrive in a healthy and nurturing environment. In fact, our goal is to help more than 4,000 children through this programme!

We are enormously grateful to Barbara, Bob and all our supporters who chose to leave a gift in their Will to Save the Children. You’re helping to provide much-needed services to women and children in Nepal. The impacts of these gifts will be long-lasting and will truly change children’s lives.


By leaving a gift in your will, you will empower children around the world, helping them reach their full potential and build a better future together.


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