Kind supporters who donated to our recent hunger crisis appeal have helped save children like Salma* and Sayid*!

The pandemic, conflict and climate change are pushing too many children to the brink of starvation. But your support is helping to give local health workers the tools they need to easily identify, treat and manage children suffering from malnutrition. 

Salma and Sayid's Story - Children You've Helped To Save

You might remember reading about Salma and Sayid. They live with their mum, Canab*, and older siblings in Somalia. Successive droughts killed all the family’s livestock – their one source of income. Canab struggled to find food and clean water for her children.

Two-year-old twins, Salma and Sayid, were suffering the most. The water Canab could find was dirty and often made her children sicker. Salma and Sayid were vomiting and had diarrhoea. It was clear they needed urgent medical attention.

Amazing people like you fund rural health clinics. You give local health workers the tools they need to treat children. Tools like Mid-Upper Arm Circumference bands to tell quickly which stage of malnutrition a child is in. And nutritious peanut paste to help children gain weight.

Canab took the twins to one of our clinics, where they were diagnosed with malnutrition. It’s a condition which can drastically impact children’s mental and physical development. Malnutrition can also increase the risk of developing other illnesses, making children even weaker.

Because Of You...

But you were there for Salma and Sayid. With a course of treatment plus regular check-ups, Salma and Sayid are out of the danger zone! Your kindness does save children’s lives. We can’t thank you enough.  

Because of you, children with treatable conditions like malnutrition are getting the care they need.


*Names changed to protect identities, but these are real people in Somalia affected by the hunger crisis.