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Diana just wants to be a doctor so she can help her community. The problem is that she lives in brothel town and her mother is a sex worker.

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"I want everyone to hear my story"

Rasha wasn’t in her school in Syria when it was bombed – she was standing by the gate.

Syria | Middle East

Education in a time of war

thumbnail education in a time of war

Basma was at school one day when her classroom was hit by airstrikes. The eight-year-old wasn’t hurt, but the explosion killed 20 of her friends.

Syria | Middle East

We’ve lived in a refugee camp in Iraq for four years

thumbnail weve lived in a refugee camp in iraq for four years

We have been here for nearly four years. I still can’t quite believe it. We used to live in what was once a very nice district of Damascus.

Iraq | Middle East

thumbnail childhood after war

Childhood after war

As the impact of the Syria crisis spreads across the region, the number of children and adolescents who carry the burden of supporting their families is steadily increasing.

Syria | Middle East

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