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Beatrix cropped

Chasing Dreams Through Literacy

Beatrix has embraced reading and is now one step to achieving her dream job of becoming a doctor.

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Indonesia Reading Camp 2

Huge success for children's reading

Your support is making a real difference for children by improving their reading abilities and giving them the love of learning.

Indonesia | Asia | Project Farah

thumbnail ms emiliana

Ms. Emiliana

Farah carries her shoes, bouncing along a kilometre dirt track and field in bare feet. She doesn’t want to ruin her only shoes.

Indonesia | Asia | Project Farah

thumbnail nurul


Dawn has just broken in Ekin, a village in the Belu District, East Nusa Tenggara. The fiery sun has climbed over the horizon and ten-year-old Nurul is getting ready for school.

Indonesia | Asia | Project Farah

thumbnail asoka


Asoka is a community leader and tries hard to get parents to support their children’s reading.

Indonesia | Asia | Project Farah

Their families were not dead

thumbnail their families were not dead

Agus was seven years old when he was dropped off at an orphanage in Bandung, Indonesia. Like most of the children there, his parents were still alive – they just couldn’t afford to keep him.

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