Why Is Rights-Based Learning Important?

Research shows that children who know their rights are more likely to speak up for themselves and others when they see injustice, adding a protective factor to their lives when they are empowered with this knowledge. But rights-based learning doesn’t have to be taught as a stand-alone topic – it can be embedded into daily classroom life as a means of empowerment for both teachers and students.  

Our education team here at Save the Children New Zealand is available for workshops and lessons for teachers  and students. Our workshops support teachers in embedding children’s rights into teaching and learning, global development studies, issues impacting children, taking action and advocating for change – and we can work with you to embed these concepts into your existing programmes. We are trained teachers who are committed to providing engaging, practical and collaborative workshops, that won’t add to your busy teaching load! Please reach out to find out about professional development for your school, or specialised lessons for your class.  

Get in touch at education@scnz.org.nz to find out more.  

Teacher Professional Development

Introduction to Children's Rights Education

Online Workshop - free

45 minutes

In this 45-minute online workshop we introduce educators to the United Nations Convention on the Rights of the Child, why it matters, and how it connects to daily life. We reflect on existing curriculum links and what teachers are already doing to support children’s rights.  


Children's Rights Education in Daily Life

Online or Face to Face

2 hours

Following on from the introductory workshop, this session digs deeper into the Convention on the Rights of the Child. We work together to create a description of a children’s rights informed learning environment, look more deeply at the benefits of rights education, and explore at how a children’s rights lens can be applied to  any learning area.  

Our team is available for online workshops, or face-to-face in Auckland and Wellington, but can coordinate visits to other regions – please reach out to express interest.  

Cost - School staff discount rates applies - please get in touch for pricing. 

Student Lessons

Our trained teachers are available for Zoom lessons with your class or school, or face-to-face in Auckland and Wellington. We can tailor our lessons/talks to meet your class’s learning programme, and individual needs, and can work with you to make a lesson hands-on and interactive.  

Topics can include: 

  • Know your rights! An introduction to children’s rights with Save the Children.  
  • Learn about the work of Save the Children around the world.  
  • Humanitarian and Emergencies – is your class passionate and concerned about a global issue that Save the Children is supporting? Meet with an expert to learn more.  
  • Advocacy support – Meet with a member of Save the Children to learn about being an advocate for a cause you are passionate about.  
  • Fundraising support – meet with a member of Save the Children to support you in planning your fundraising campaign.  

Zoom lessons – no charge 

In person – please get in touch to accommodate travel costs 

Get in touch to find out more at education@scnz.org.nz 

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