Safe Place App

Safe place is an app for children and young people, featuring simple exercises to help them relax and feel better. The App contains helpful information about stress and difficult feelings. It is free, anonymous, and developed by our friends at Save the Children Sweden and their Centre for Support and Treatment.

How does Safe Place Work?

Safe Place is an app for children and young people feeling stress or worry after a difficult experience, or for day-to-day life. The app can be downloaded via the Google Play or the Apple app store. It requires no registration and is advertisement free.

What activities are on the app?

  • Breathing exercise
  • Guided muscle relaxation
  • Refocusing exercises
  • Bubble popping
  • Worry writing
  • Feel good list
  • Optional anonymous community to encourage each other and connect


To get the app download the flyer below and scan the QR code.

Safe Place App by Elisabeth Fraser

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