Why Wendy is leaving a gift in her Will to Save the Children

As a former neo-natal and Plunket nurse, Wendy knows how important it is to nurture children and to give them a good start in life. She found her 25 years as a Plunket nurse particularly rewarding, ’Children are fascinating, they’re wonderful!’

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Leaving a lasting legacy


Her longstanding commitment to helping children led her to join a hardworking group of volunteers who raise funds for Save the Children. That was 15 years ago, and the group is still going strong, with monthly morning teas and fundraising activities.

Wendy is inspired to keep on with fundraising and awareness-raising in her community as she believes in Save the Children’s work. She has always been impressed with Save the Children’s efforts to protect children, especially in emergencies and conflicts, where she’s observed, ‘They [Save the Children] go into difficult places and really try and get things done and keep as much normality for children as possible.’

Following a talk from a Save the Children fundraiser about how gifts in Wills can transform children’s lives, she decided to extend her lifetime support for children with her own gift. As she says, ‘Children need to be protected, to be able to grow and be nurtured and, hopefully, be a force in the world that will do some good for future children.’

Family is very important to Wendy and they are her priority in her Will, but she also wanted to leave a gift to Save the Children. Her two children know how much she values Save the Children and are happy with her decision to continue her support in this way.

Wendy's hope for the future


And what is Wendy’s hope for the future?

“A world where children are free and happy, well fed, well cared for, had shelter, had love - that would be wonderful’.

With a gift in her Will, Wendy will be leaving a lasting legacy. She can be assured that her gift will make a positive difference to the lives of many children in need.


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