Lara isn't forgotten, thanks to you

For more than ten years, the conflict in Syria has uprooted and destroyed childhoods. Your support has ensured that children like Lara* haven't been abandoned in their times of need. 

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This is a special update


This is a special update for the generous donors who gave to our Syria appeal earlier this year.

At age seven, Lara has been through horrors no child should have to experience. Her happy home life in Syria was uprooted by the constant fighting and shelling in her village. Her family moved from place to place seeking safety, eventually settling in a displacement camp.


Lara’s mother worried that her daughter was struggling to accept their situation. She says it affected her relationships with other children. Her mother also feared that, with no school, Lara’s wellbeing would suffer and she would end up illiterate.


Thankfully, kind supporters like you were there for Lara. You provided Lara with psychosocial support to help her heal from the trauma she’d experienced. And the mobile library visits to the camp that you’re helping to fund have meant she doesn’t miss out on an education. When she’s not learning, you can find her playing and chatting with her friends!


No-one can undo a decade of violence and displacement. But your generosity ensures children living in conflict zones still get the support they need.


*Name changed to protect identity.


Your support has provided…

Arrival Kits
Equipped with mattresses, blankets and solar lamps
Psychosocial Support
Helping children cope with trauma
Learning Packs
So children don’t miss out on an education

The Situation


A decade of war in Syria has taken a terrible toll on its children. The Syrian refugee crisis is now the worst since World War II. Millions of children are stuck in limbo, faced with further displacements or unsafe returns. 

Save the Children has been supporting Syrian children since the crisis began. With your help, we'll be there for as long as they need us.