Kri is 12 and loves his drawing class at school. He draws a forest of mangroves with fish and crabs swimming and then he draws how cutting mangroves and forests down will lead to erosion and floods, potentially killing children, destroying fishing nets and houses.

Kri loves playing football in the school field. He and his friends are avid Real Madrid fans and he is proud that he can name all the players. He wants to be a nurse or a health worker when he grows up.

Kri is still sad about the two children who died in his neighbourhood in heavy rains. One fell off a bridge and another drowned in heavy rain. Neither of them knew how to swim. Neither does Kri, but he is going to learn. He says it helps save lives and that is where being prepared for disaster is the difference between life and death.

Kri has never been to Koh Kong city on the mainland but he thinks it is too big, too noisy and too dirty. He likes his island and he is worried when his elders tell him that the island is getting smaller because of landslides and coastal erosion and that they may have to move there in the future.