You saved Ismail* with urgent medical care after his school bus was bombed. Because of you, he can see and walk again.

Ismail* was on his way to school in Sa’ada, Yemen, when his school bus was bombed. Tragically, 40 children lost their lives. Whilst Ismail survived, he was left with horrific injuries: pieces of shrapnel lodged themselves in his eye, leg and little toe, and his leg was broken. He was unconscious when he got to hospital. Without hospital care and your ongoing support, Ismail might not have made it. He was only seven-and-a-half years old.

Ismail Lo

His school bus was bombed

Shrapnel pierced his body and he was in agony. Thanks to you, Ismail received the urgent surgeries he needed. His recovery is going well and he can play with his friends again! 

But you saved Ismail’s life by providing urgent medical care! You funded the surgeries he needed, enabling him to see and walk again.

Ismail still struggles to recall all the events of that fateful day. He remembers a rocket hitting the bus as he went off to study, but his father, Saif*, says his son is desperate to understand.

“Every time I sit with my son he asks me about the incident, he wants to know what happened to him.”

Because of you, Ismail can still dream about his future.

“I want to be a doctor in the future so I can treat children. If there are children who are not feeling well, I can immediately treat them”

* Names changed to protect identities