In Afghanistan, Save the Children supporters have empowered Sayeed Aga’s* family to open their own bakery. 

With this income, Sayeed Aga can send his children to school and provide them with the essentials they need to thrive. 

Watch this short video to see the bakery you’ve helped get off the ground.

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Empowering a family bakery

Like many parents in Afghanistan, Sayeed Aga struggled to make enough money to provide for his family. Economic collapse and political upheaval have forced many families to send their children to work instead of school.

When Save the Children first met Sayeed Aga’s daughter Hadia*, she couldn’t attend school because supplies like stationery and books were too expensive. Instead, she and her siblings would help her parents sell the bread they made in their home.

Thanks to kind Kiwis like you

Thanks to the generosity of our supporters, we were able to provide Sayeed Aga with the equipment he needed to start his own bakery including flour, fuel and a tandoor. He says he now has a consistent job which has made a huge difference to him and his family. Sayeed Aga is happy he can pay for stationery and clothes when his children need them.

Now 12 years old, Hadia’s life is dramatically different. Instead of helping sell bread, she and her siblings are attending school. None of the children need to work to help support their family anymore.

After her family’s bakery started, Hadia says she and her family are happier. Hadia is pleased to go to school now and really enjoys studying English and Pashto. She wants to study to become a paediatrician so she can help children. Hadia says she uses her time well as she wants to try very hard to become a good doctor.

By empowering parents like Sayeed Aga, you’re helping create bright futures for children like Hadia.

*names changed to protect identities

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