Tanks, machine guns and grenades are something no child should ever have to experience.

For six year old Arwa* these things were an everyday reality.

Arwa and her family were forced to flee their home in Iraq after living for more than a month under constant shelling.

After a difficult journey to escape the conflict,a camp for internally displaced people, became a home for Arwa and her family.

It is no place for any child to be living.

One in six children lives in a conflict zone - that's a staggering 357 million children. As the largest independent child right's organisation in the world it is our job to protect these children.

Save the Children is on the ground ensuring children like Arwa have access to quality education, health and protection services.

Arwa and her brother have been able to attend one of our Child Friendly Spaces, which provided a safe and nurturing environment where they could play and learn and recieve the support hey needed. A place where children can be children.