The enormity of fleeing your home and the good life you once had is hard for many of us to imagine.

Save the Children supporters are helping families like Vira’s* who have fled the Ukraine conflict to begin to create new lives across the border.

In Ukraine Vira had a good life working as a nurse and raising two children, Marta* and Alona*. But then the conflict started and took that life away.

Leaving Ukraine was a hard choice for Vira to make, but she thought life would be safer for her children across the border. When her friends started leaving for Romania, she and her children joined them on the journey. This was Vira’s first journey abroad, and she was travelling with two small children.

Vira remembers thinking there were many belongings she wanted to take with her but, in the end, she only took the essentials like warm clothes for the children and important documents. When the family said goodbye to their relatives at the border, they walked on foot to Romania.

Vira was afraid of the border and feared things would be difficult in Romania. But she says the welcome the family has received has helped ease the grief of leaving their life in Ukraine behind.

Through the support of Save the Children supporters, Vira received cash vouchers so she could buy what she knew her children would need in Romania. You also provided mental health support to help the family heal from the trauma they’d been through. Vira said, “We’ve had so much support here. They’ve given so much more than we expected. Toys, clothes, food, everything.”

Vira wants to return to Ukraine when it’s safe to do so. Until then, and thanks to generous Kiwis, the family has safe shelter, daily hot meals and the support they need to begin building a new life.

*Names changed to protect identities, but these are real people you’ve supported during the Ukraine crisis

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