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Diana just wants to be a doctor so she can help her community. The problem is that she lives in brothel town and her mother is a sex worker.

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Feiy in front of his class

Prepared for Anything

Mat Soeu Feiy, a teacher and father, reflects on the changes he has seen since Save the Children began working in his school and community.

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Red Sky at Night

Many people in Koh Kong Cambodia have seen their share of tragedy as a result of the frequent storms that batter the villages. For 58-year-old Sun Sokhen, the worst storm came in 2000, when her grandson was swept out to sea during a massive sea surge.

Cambodia | Asia


More Mangroves, Fewer Disasters.

For villagers trying to make a living in Koh Kong, Cambodia, their future has been looking uncertain. Frequent storms have destroyed the coastal mangroves which shelter villages - exposing residents to extreme storms, eradicating fish and marine stocks, a

Cambodia | Asia | Project Phala


thumbnail kri

Kri is 12 and loves his drawing class at school. He draws a forest of mangroves with fish and crabs swimming and then he draws how cutting mangroves and forests down will lead to erosion and floods and kill children, destroy fishing nets and houses.

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Mina has always been the top student in her class, but has recently slipped to second place in monthly tests because “there is another smart girl in her class” she says with a twinkle in her eye.

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Nuch Nal

Nuch Nal is originally from Prey Veng province in Cambodia. He moved to Koh Kong province when he was 15, as his parents were seeking a better life.

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