Fundraising and Action

Children love to take action on issues that are important to them. There are lots of different ways to take action, from raising awareness of an issue, starting or signing a petition, writing to your local representative, changing your lifestyle, or fundraising!  

Fundraising for Save the Children is an exciting and fun way for tamariki in New Zealand to support their fellow children around the world. When children fundraise for a cause they are passionate about, they feel empowered.  

Head to our fundraising page to set up a fundraiser for Save the Children today.  

If your class is passionate about fundraising or learning about a particular children’s cause or issue, get in touch at to arrange a Zoom call with an expert.  

  • Fundraising for World Water Day? Download our ideas bundle below. 
  • Need more ideas for fundraising and action? Download our A-Z of Fundraising and Action below.  
  • Instead of presents for your next special occasion, ask your guests to give the gift of life-changing education, health-care, and protection from violence for the world’s most vulnerable kids.
  • For your birthday, wedding, new baby, or Ramadan, celebrate with a gift to Save the Children! 

It’s easy to do. Set up your own online fundraising page here and personalise it with a photo and a few sentences about why you’ve decided to fundraise for Save the Children. Then simply email the link to family and friends, so they can donate directly to your page and leave a message to you. 

World Water Day Fundraising by Elisabeth Fraser

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