Peppa Pig Practices Mindfulness And So Can You!

Save the Children, in partnership with Peppa Pig, is dedicating the month of October to encouraging children to learn about and practice mindfulness. You can help share the importance of mindfulness for tamariki and their whānau, while learning new and engaging mindfulness techniques, alongside Peppa Pig.

We’re delighted to have Yogi Kids and Twinkl onboard to help as Save the Children and Peppa Pig practise mindfulness – and we have plenty of ways to bring you along for the fun!

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Sign up for Mindfulness Month


Register your class, kindergarten or ECE centre, and parents sign up with your child, to participate in our month of mindfulness and receive inspiring activities and learning resources developed in collaboration with Twinkl, featuring a series of activities you can do with your students. For schools and ECE centres that register you’ll receive access to free learning resources (ECE, years 1-3 and years 4-6) including some simple how to yoga videos for children.

You can also get involved in promoting the mindfulness message during October by sharing your mindfulness moments with us or via social media #PeppasMindfulnessMonth or hosting a mindfulness morning tea to celebrate mindfulness and invite whānau to learn about and enjoy practicing it together.


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What is Mindfulness Month?


Taking part in mindfulness month presents an opportunity for teachers and parents to support the health and wellbeing of our tamariki.  Habits formed in childhood will inform the habits of adulthood, so there’s no better time to start than now – our resources will support you in taking the first steps to making this practise a daily and manageable one in your centre, school or home.

Practicing mindfulness includes mind and body activities such as meditation, attitude shifts, ways of thinking, breathing exercises, yoga, gratitude, nature walks, colouring, art, dance, and music, and showing kindness to others and animals; these are all beneficial for our health and wellbeing including that of our children.


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Why Mindfulness Matters


Mindfulness has been practiced for thousands of years. However, in recent times it is gaining in recognition as people turn to practising mindfulness to help to deal with modern pressures and the hectic pace of life. Children are feeling the effects of these pressures with increasing numbers of children displaying anxiety symptoms, particularly in the wake of the COVID-19 crisis. Add to this “eco-anxiety” with 70% of children reporting that they think about climate change every day, and today’s children are a generation facing unprecedented challenges.  


More about Mindfulness from the Save the Children Education Team

Naturally at each stage of development throughout childhood and life, we face adversity – whether it’s learning to tie a shoe, conflict with a friend, or exercising independence – childhood is a time of great joy but also great challenges. Practising paying attention to the present moment in an accepting and non-judgemental way, or mindfulness, is a habit that can be started early in life, offering children some relief and strategies for coping with pressure, frustration and worries.

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