This is a special update for the generous supporters who donated to our emergency appeal for Fiji.

In times of uncertainty, to know people like you are committed to making the world a better place for children is so inspiring. Your support is a lifeline to children amid the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic.

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With the pandemic wiping out so many jobs and incomes, many families in Fiji are struggling to afford the basics they need to survive. Save the Children Fiji has been receiving requests for help every day. Knowing that kind Kiwis like you would want to help our neighbours in their time of need, we launched an emergency appeal earlier this year.


You're There For Our Pacific Neighbours

The generosity and swift response shown by Kiwis surpassed all expectations. Because of you, grocery packs have been delivered safely to hundreds of families in need. Containing essentials such as food, baby formula and nappies, each pack helps to feed a family for two weeks. And thanks to the pledges of generous Kiwi companies, donations have been matched up to $20,000. That means your gift has worked even harder!

Whether you donated or fundraised yourself, thank you so much for your commitment to helping Fiji in its time of need. We hope you’ll feel proud when you watch the video and see what you’re achieving.