As you explore nature with your little ones for your Muddy Puddle Walk, you can use these stories to explore the world and meet other children too! 

Feel free to ask your little ones our reflection questions to engage in conversation and inspire thought and make sure to make up your Virtual Reality Google cardboards to watch the video above.

Let's go for a walk!

Come take a walk with our friend Odgerel from Mongolia. She’s just turned 5! How old are you?

She’d like to show you her family’s farm as the snow melts away.

Odgerel just loves to walk and play with friends like…Lulu Lamb!

Meet Josephine

Josephine is 9 years old and she is from Lodwar, Kenya.

You probably wouldn’t know by looking at her picture, but Josephine has trouble walking. She has a condition called cerebral palsy which affects her movement.

Thanks to amazing supporters like you, Save the Children is able to cover the medical costs of physical therapy, and that is helping Josephine to get back on her feet.

Sometimes her leg gets sore but the most important thing is that she keeps up her exercises. She does this by doing exercise along with some of her daily chores.

This is what winter in Syria looks like.

It's so white and bright! Does it snow in the winter where you live?

Playing in the snow can be a lot of fun, especially when you're snug and warm!

But sadly, in some places in the world children don’t have all the things they need to stay warm.

A long, long walk!

Alexis is riding on top of his dad’s shoulder while walking to the Mexican border from Guatemala.

They’ve walked over 1600 kilometers - that's the same distance as the whole length of New Zealand,from the top of the North Island right down to the bottom of the South Island!

They’re hoping to find a new home in the USA, but it looks like they’ll have to wait a while before they’re allowed to go in.

Walking school bus!

Ephrodite (Epa for short) is walking with his friends to Save the Children’s reading club in Ngororero district, Rwanda.

The reading club helps make sure all children are able to read by the time they leave school.

They don’t have backpacks so they can’t carry a lot with the them, but they’re always excited to get together and share their books with each other!