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The choice you make right now can help change their lives. In a few years, without your help, it will be too late for children like Samreen.

Project updates

May 5 |

154 preschool children have had regular check-ups.

The children have their height, weight, and nutritional status measured. Doctors make sure the children are healthy and energetic, because remaining healthy ensures that children can continue learning!Health Check

May 5 |

151 mothers from the community have attended 48 parenting sessions.

In these sessions mothers learn new parenting techniques, and learn about topics such as healthy child development, nutrition, safe playing, and home support. 

May 5 |

103 children have completed birth registration.

Kids dancing 3

Children in Daulatdia are often open to exploitation, so birth registration ensures they won't run the risk of disappearing through the cracks, or end up missing or trafficked.