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The children of the Daulatdia brothel in Bangladesh wanted to say a huge thank you to our supporters with this video.

Daulatdia brothel in Bangladesh is one of the largest brothels in the world, home to 3,000 men, women and children.

Sprawling along the banks of the River Padma in Bangladesh, the brothel is rife with human trafficking, underage prostitution and drugs, and is home for hundreds of children.

Most of the chowkri (bonded sex workers) are underage. Some of the girls are runaways who left their homes to escape bad situations or marriages and ended up working in the brothel as they had nowhere else to go. Others have been kidnapped or sold to madams by parents or relatives. Many were born at the brothel and see 5-10 clients per day.

The children who grow up here live lives that are hard to comprehend. Children as young as three are employed to fetch alcohol and drugs, place gambling bets and clean up their mothers’ rooms after their mothers’ clients have left.

We have a solution

In 1997, Save the Children opened the first and only school in Daulatdia, where children are able to get health care, meals, an education and lots of love from trained teachers. It is here that Samreen comes to study with her friends so that they can one day leave the brothel

alpona at school


At our school Samreen can get an education from highly trained teachers

School basics

At the school the children get a school uniform, a diary, text books and staionary

Health clinics

Children at the school receive monthly health checks.

Read Samreen’s story

Samreen is 10 years old and lives in a desperate situation that is hard to comprehend. Her mother, Safia, like so many other women in Daulatdia, is a bonded sex worker.

She is wise beyond her years after seeing what she has seen in the brothel. But when she talks about playing cricket, her favourite game, her eyes light up and she is a child again. She is top of her class at the Save the Children school.

Samreen wants to be a doctor, but without an education Samreen will have few options. She will probably become a sex worker, like her mother. Going to school has allowed her to dream.

It is amazing to watch the transformation in these children. When they join the program, they can barely read or write but within two years we see a phenomenal change.

Children are not only better prepared to go to school, but also better prepared to mix with children from other communities.

Ruma, the Project Officer

I would like to see all of my children receive an education, so they have many more options than I ever did.

Safia is 28 and life as a sex worker is all she knows.

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My teachers visit me when I am sick and let me know what is happening at school.

Diana is eight and wants to be a doctor when she grows up. Her favourite subject is social science.

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Thanks to our supporters we are changing the lives of children in Daulatdia


children are attending the early childhood education centre for three hours a day


primary-aged children are getting an education


children are fed twice a day


teachers are continuing their training

Giving in action


Dark Secret

Daulatdia may look like any other slum in Bangladesh, but those who make the journey here know otherwise. This place hides a dark secret.

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daulatdia rupa thumb

In a land of lost children

Stigmatised from birth, the children who are born here are denied even their most basic of human rights.

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Daulatdia thumb4

Samreen is a little girl with a big dream

Samreen is ten years old and lives in a desperate situation that is hard to comprehend. She was born in Daulatdia, a brothel the size of a small town, in Bangladesh.

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