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Aug 10 |

Villarth goes to our school where she is learning what to do during disasters so that she stays safe.

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Jul 15 |

The El Nino-induced drought, the worst in 50 years, has proved difficult for the people of Cambodia.

Communities were taught drought-resistant farming methods, helping them stave off some of the worst effects of the drought. Save The Children relocated funds for an emergency assessment and distributed water to needy schools and households. 

Jul 12 |

254 households have been trained on how to shelter their livestock from hot weather, heavy rain and wind.

VilarthfeedingchicFamilies have also learned the importance of vaccinations, and are using disinfectant to prevent their animals from spreading disease. Local food sources are now being used for livestock ensuring that the health and vitality of the animals is maintained. Keeping their animals safe and healthy during a crisis means communities have a second source of food and income.

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