Project Malia


Typhoons, storms, floods and droughts are commonplace in Laos, one of the most vulnerable countries in Southeast Asia.

Every year, almost one in ten people in Laos are affected by floods and droughts that cause widespread devastation and loss. Re-occurring hazards threaten the livelihoods, health and education opportunities for children. Disasters constantly undermine the progress Laos has made towards alleviating poverty and the number of people killed by hazards and disasters has been increasing steadily since 1970.

Laos experiences a range of natural hazards and disasters – from floods and landslides, to fires, droughts and epidemics – which impede socioeconomic development. Flooding has been highlighted as having particularly damaging effects and contributes to the high vulnerability of the country. 

Malia is studying grade 5 at Pakxeng secondary school and has experienced disasters at her school before.

“I saw a landslide on the road to my secondary school Pakxeng, It was difficult to get to school with floods on the road. The flood also affected my house, causing it to fall down, losing my parents money.”

With our training and support in implementing disaster plans and increasing community awareness about disasters, communities will be able to better protect their children and will be less vulnerable to the effects of erratic and extreme weather events.

We have a solution

We began work in Sayaboury, one of the most vulnerable provinces in Laos, to implement proactive disaster risk reduction plans, teaching children and their communities what to do in the face of disasters and a changing climate. We have extended our programme into neighbouring Luang Prabang, helping to empower the people living there to adapt to the environment and build resilience to protect themselves, their families and their incomes.

Children SItting

Safer and smarter schools

We are helping teachers to introduce emergency planning and education within the classroom so that children know what to do when disaster strikes.

Future leaders

Children are becoming leaders for disaster risk reduction, teaching their families and communities about hazards, climate change and how to prepare.

Stronger communities

We are training communities to map out the natural hazards and threats to their villages. Training, disaster planning and early warning systems are being put in place.

Better futures

We are helping families like Malia’s to protect their incomes and reduce their vulnerability to disasters.

Villages in Sayaboury are now ‘national champions’ in disaster preparedness and have inspired us to reach even more communities in neighbouring Luang Prabang province.


villages in Sayaboury have been trained


children have learnt about disasters at school


children have become Disaster Risk Reduction (DRR) leaders


of community members can demonstrate improved knowledge of how to resist disasters

Our work isn't done yet

The choice you make right now can help change their lives. We have achieved so much in Sayaboury province and need to continue the work into Luang Prabang