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Mar 3 |

75% of communities in Belu were provided with book banks, helping community members encourage reading for early grade primary students outside of school.

Reading Camp2


Dec 15 |

Repetition rates for children in the Belu program have been reduced.

Repetition rates for the first two grades of primary school in participating schools were reduced from 35% (1st grade) and 30% (2nd grade) to 12% for both. The techniques used during the Literacy Boost techniques encourage children to be enthusiastic about reading. By making reading fun, instead of a chore, children are more likely to become interested in learning. 

CLass Room

Dec 14 |

One of our projects in Belu has finished with some impressive results!

8,451 students were involved in the project. At the start of the project in 2014, 84% of the children involved could not read, 18% were considered ‘beginner readers’ and only 1% had comprehension. All Dem Books

Now that the project has finished illiteracy has dropped to 26%, the number of ‘beginner readers’ has increased to 49%, and children with reading comprehension has increased to 25%!

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