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West Timor in Indonesia is so remote and poor that the power lines installed years ago are still not connected to any electricity.

Although Indonesia has experienced significant economic growth over recent years, the impact has not been felt in many of the more remote regions of the country. In Belu, West Timor, the roads are dirt tracks. Aside from one daily bus, there is no public transport.

The poverty that dominates this isolated corner of the country is so extreme that almost half of the children suffer from malnutrition. Crops can only be grown for four months a year as there is so little rain. This means that getting enough food to eat and water to drink is a constant concern for families.

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Farah is seven. She lives in Ai Toun village in Belu in West Timor. She lives with her grandmother Clara Soi and her aunt Margaretha Ili. Both her parents have had to leave the district to find work and Farah hasn’t seen them for months. But she loves going to school and doesn’t mind the long walk on the rough, gravel road.

I like studying Maths and Bahasa Indonesia. I want to be a good teacher when I grow up. And l love the reading camp – I can’t wait to go every week.

Before the reading camp, it was very difficult for children to read because there were no books. Most of the families here are farmers. They can’t afford their daily needs let alone spare the money to buy books.

Kamilius Mau. Head of Dirun Village, Belu

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I love going to school. Even the two kilometre walk to school doesn’t bother me. I especially love Wednesday as its reading camp day when I get three new books to take home.

Nurul, friend

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Education ís the main thing that will improve of the lives of the children in our village. I am convinced that by learning reading and writing their lives will be better than ours have been.

Asoka, Community Leader

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We have a solution

Our programme focuses on delivering different ways to help children learn how to read. We are striving to change rote-method teaching practices so that we can support children to become active learners.

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Better teachers

Teachers are receiving ongoing training. We are working with teachers to develop better ways of disciplining children so that they keep turning up at school. Low attendance rates have been a problem for many primary schools.

Community events

Entire communities (where often the parents can’t read or write) are starting to recognise the value of education. Reading activities and events are regularly held to get entire families and neighbours behind their child’s reading both at home and at school.

Stronger futures

Being able to read will have a huge impact on Farah’s life and thousands of other children like her. It boosts a child’s self-esteem, empowers them and their families and leads to better opportunities in the future.

Will you help?

The choice you make right now can help change their lives. In a few years, without your help, it will be too late for children like Farah.

Thanks to our supporters, we are changing the lives of children in Indoneisa


children in Belu will have been taught how to read and write by 2016


children will learn how to read and write by 2019


children will be supported to access quality pre-school facilities, helping them arrive at school ready to learn

Giving in action

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Asoka is a community leader and tries hard to get parents to support their children’s reading.

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Ms. Emiliana

Farah carries her shoes, bouncing along a kilometre dirt track and field in bare feet. She doesn’t want to ruin her only shoes.

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Dawn has just broken in Ekin, a village in the Belu District, East Nusa Tenggara. The fiery sun has climbed over the horizon and ten-year-old Nurul is getting ready for school.

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Our work isn’t done yet

Your donation helps give so many opportunities to children like Farah. Education is the single biggest thing that will provide children with a brighter future and the opportunities that their parents could only dream about.

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