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May 5 |

Collection centres

Collection centres have been built in Jalpa Chilaune and Panchawati. Collection centres allow farmers to pool their vegetables and, using a middle man, helps them access larger markets in town. After the sales, farmers are paid a proportion of the sale profits based on how much they contributed to the centre. By using collection centres farmers can sell much more and worry less about selling their vegetables themselves. Selling more means that farmers have more disposable income to spend on their children!


May 5 |

1,226 participants have been trained on kitchen gardening and nutrition awareness.


Kitchen gardens help parents grow more vegetables. Combined with a strong awareness of nutrition, parents can grow a mixture of vegetables, ensuring that their children grow up healthy and strong.

May 5 |

Vocational skills are paying off!

The 36 youths trained last year have now started their own businesses and are earning an average of 10,500 Nepalese rupees a month. This means they can stay in their villages and do not have to leave in search of work, or engage in low-paying hard labour.

Youth Training 2

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