Cyclone Winston Appeal

On February 20th and 21st 2016 Cyclone Winston cut a path of destruction across Fiji’s islands. The storm was estimated to be the most severe cyclone to have ever hit the Pacific, affecting almost 350,000 people - a third of whom are children.

The cyclone has caused widespread damage to homes, schools, roads and water and sanitation systems across many parts of the country – making it difficult for children to access clean drinking water and return to safe schools. The Government of Fiji has stressed that children’s return to school is a top priority, helping them regain a sense of normalcy as soon as possible.

We are working alongside the Fiji Ministry of Education and other partner organisations to help get children back to school. Our response focuses on providing temporary learning spaces and materials, so that children can resume their education within a safe space. Clean water is essential for children, families and communities to recover from an emergency. We are providing water and sanitation supplies to schools, so that children can stay healthy and happy.

Cyclone Winston strikes


people affected by the cyclone


of those impacted are children


homes were destroyed


schools need assistance

3 Months after Cyclone Winston

Thanks to our supporters we have been able to respond quickly, protecting children and helping them return to school as soon as possible.

Fiji Solutions2


We've provided school bags filled with books and stationary to 3,551 children, helping them return to school with much needed supplies.

Re-building Communities

We've provided 1,700 people with 'cash-for-work' grants, supporting the local rebuilding process.


Our Child Friendly Spaces have provided over 1,200 children with safe places to play.


We've rebuilt toilets and water facilities in 5 schools, so that children remain happy and healthy within schools.

How to Help

We invite you to become a monthly donor. As a part of our team you will ensure that when the next emergency strikes we are ready to respond.

Giving in Action

Cyclone Winston Fiji Emergency

The Brutal Force of Cyclone Winston

On Saturday 20 and Sunday 21 February, Severe Tropical Cyclone Winston tore through Fiji, destroying homes, schools and livelihoods.

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Sulueti and granddaughter

Sulueti's story

Sulueti’s two grandchildren live with her and on the evening Cyclone Winston came they were in her care in the village of Nanukuloa on the northeastern tip of Viti Levu.

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Andrew with guys

3 Months after the Storm

It is almost a decade since my last visit to Fiji. The smells, the sights and feelings flood my senses as I arrive and remind me why this country was where I decided to pursue a career in development.

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