The crisis in Ukraine is taking a heavy toll on the children and families who have fled to safety in neighbouring countries like Poland and Romania.

Amazing Save the Children supporters are ensuring refugee children have a safe place where they can play and just be children. Amidst the upheaval they’ve been through, these spaces, whether they’re set up in an emergency shelter or refugee centre, are a lifeline for children caught up in conflict.

Watch this short video to see Kristina playing in the Child Safe Space you're helping to fund. 

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Irina* fled her home in Ukraine with her 14-month-old daughter Kristina*. After it being delayed for nine hours, they finally managed to board a train to Poland. Irina says she felt happy because she was lucky to have a seat with her baby.

Irina wants to return to Ukraine when it’s safe but, for now, she and Kristina are staying at a temporary centre for refugees in Poland. It’s a place Save the Children supports. Kristina attends the Child Safe Space during the day. She loves to draw, play with the basketball and snuggle with her favourite, cuddly teddy bear.

At the centre you’re helping to fund, Irina can also get supplies like food, hygiene kits, diapers, and clothes. With so many families leaving their homes with only the bare essentials, these items are invaluable and greatly appreciated.

Because of you, children like Kristina have a safe place to play and mums like Irina can start to heal from the trauma they’ve been through. In the midst of conflict, your support is making a positive impact on children’s lives.

*Names changed to protect identities, but they’re real people you’ve supported during the Ukrainian crisis.