Amazing supporters who donated to our healthcare appeal gave life-saving medical care to Rohingya children like Saira*. 

“Last night, she got much worse. She could barely breathe. I was really worried about her…I just want help for my child,” Ayesha* in Cox’s Bazar, Bangladesh

You gave Saira the treatment she needed to survive

You might recall reading Ayesha and Saira’s* story. Ayesha was pregnant with Saira when she fled violence in her home country for the safety of Bangladesh. She walked for days with little food or water to reach Cox’s Bazar. It was a terrifying journey.

Saira was born and raised in Cox’s Bazar. It’s home to more than 1 million Rohingya refugees making it the world’s largest refugee camp.

Though Ayesha is safer now, it’s a difficult place to raise a child. The camps are crowded and have no proper sanitation. It’s easy to see how so many young children get sick here.

At eighteen months old, Saira* was suffering from her third bout of pneumonia. But the health clinics in Cox’s Bazar were rapidly running out of funding. Without urgent donations, the clinics’ doors would have to shut.

You helped her breathe easily

Your swift action ensured our health clinics could stay open. You gave Saira the vital oxygen and antibiotics she needed! You helped a little girl breathe easier – and ensure our teams can be there for the next child who needs urgent medical care.

Ayesha said, “I bring her here because the doctors are really good. Everyone is very kind, not just to us but to all the patients and families here…They gave her the best care. I know they will help her again.”

It’s your support that ensures our life-saving work for children continues. Thank you so much for being there when children like Saira need you the most.


*Names changed to protect identities, but these are real people in Bangladesh impacted by the healthcare crisis.