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Rahim is one of the brightest boys in his class. His highlight during the school day is attending assembly.

He enjoys singing and reciting poetry and wants to continue with his education so he can be a police officer.


Suhan loves reading and writing Bangla at school. He is the only son of his doting mother, Aklima, who loves the way her son is treated at school.

He gets more love and attention than I could possibly give him.

Suhan hasn’t yet decided what he will be when he gets older but he knows it will involve reading and writing.


Diana wants to be a doctor when she grows up. Her favourite subject is social science but she doesn’t like maths. She loves the fact that her teachers at school visit her at home if she is too sick to go to class. Diana’s mother Rabaiyya works as a prostitute at Daulatdia. Despite the way her own life has turned out, she works hard to make sure Diana is protected from the realities of the brothel. And she knows that the key to breaking free from Daulatdia is education, so she makes sure Diana gets to school every day.

My younger brother and I, both are the student of same primary school. I wish to be a bachelor degree holder and so does to my brother. I will support my brother as much as I can for his lessons and other activities.


Despite Fazal’s struggles for basic needs, he is a ‘bright student’ in his class. He has already proved his capability by achieving good results in his examination. He wants to make his life successful, by putting in effort in his studies and his personal life.

Fazal’s favorite subject is religious studies. He wants to be a doctor when he grows up.


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Project Alpona

Alpona is 10 years old and lives in a brothel. Without your help she will probably become a sex worker, like her mother.

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