Pam’s Story – Continuing Support for Children

In 1966 Pam and her husband Arthur celebrated the christening of their second daughter. Instead of gifts for her they asked friends and family to make donations to Save the Children. And so began their five decades of support for children, both as volunteers in their local community and as donors.

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Investing in the future for children

Before raising her family Pam was a school teacher, and education remains a passion for her. She knows that all children, wherever they are in the world, have dreams for their future – perhaps to become a doctor or a teacher – and she wants to keep those dreams alive for them, especially through the opportunities offered by a good education.

Pam is investing in the future of the world’s children, not only through her lifetime support, but also through leaving a gift in her Will. She believes that leaving a gift in her Will is important because it is a way of ensuring Save the Children’s work will continue in the years to come. 

Leaving a Legacy of hope

When we spoke with Pam she told us, ’Leaving a legacy means that some of the things we’ve started and helped with will continue after we’ve gone, which gives me a good feeling. I didn’t want to suddenly stop!’  

While she is concerned about the ongoing need in the world, Pam is also optimistic, knowing of Save the Children’s longstanding work with vulnerable children. She joins many other wonderful Save the Children supporters who have chosen to include Save the Children in their Wills. We are deeply grateful for such a commitment to future generations of children.


Download the Gifts in Wills guide