He was shot nine times in the 2019 terror attack at two Christchurch mosques, but now survivor Temel Atacocugu will reclaim peace on a 360km walk between Dunedin and Christchurch, while raising lifesaving funds for children in need.

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30km A Day For Peace

With every step, Temel will reclaim the peace so tragically stolen from him in 2019. Shot nine times, Temel still carries the shrapnel around one of his knees. He finds it painful to walk long distances and yet his desire to promote peace and mental wellbeing to a younger generation means he will make the 360km journey.

He hopes to walk 30km each day.

Temel plans to transform the route between Dunedin and Christchurch that ended in a hate crime to a route for peace. Beginning on March 1 from Dunedin and following the same route to both mosques, Temel is also walking for a better future for children – fundraising for Save the Children, Gumboot Friday and Child Cancer Foundation.

Temel is supported by Speedy Signs (stickers for the car), Brand HQ (apparel), Athlete’s Foot  (inner soles and socks) and Christchurch City Council which helped out with a grant towards shoes and accommodation.

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Kia Kaha! We Walk Alongside Temel

Our Chief Executive Heidi Coetzee will join Temel for the first day of his Walk For Peace, leaving from Ōtepoti Dunedin on March 1. We will be posting updates of Temel’s journey on our Facebook page and plan to go Live from Dunedin. We hope you will join us – and Temel.

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