With your help, child marriage can be a thing of the past

You're helping raise girls' voices against child marriage

In Niger, 17-year-old Haouaou’s school was closed for the COVID-19 lockdown. It upset her to know she’d miss her lessons and her classmates. But Haouaou had a bigger worry: that she’d be forced to get married.

School helps protect girls from early marriage. Some of Haouaou’s friends who have dropped out of school are already married. It isn’t the future Haouaou wants.

Marriage: No Child’s Plan is an exciting project you’re helping to fund. When her school shut down due to COVID-19 you helped to provide school materials, teacher training and literacy materials. You helped make sure girls in the region weren’t missing out, or put in more danger, during COVID-19 lockdowns. Since the project began, there are almost no child marriages in Haouaou’s village.

When her school reopened, Haouaou was happy. She wants to study hard to become a nurse and help others in her community. 

Thank you for your commitment to protecting girls like Haouaou.