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Diana just wants to be a doctor so she can help her community. The problem is that she lives in brothel town and her mother is a sex worker.

Asia | Bangladesh | Project Samreen

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Despite conflict, there is hope

Save the Children is helping to ensure that children like Arwa have access to quality education, health and education.

CH1218163 Razan 7

Yemen Emergency Appeal

Eight-year-old Razan* will bear the scars of Yemen’s civil war forever.

| Project Yemen Emergency

Thailand Nora Mid

She Lost Her Mum and Her Home

Eleven-year-old Nora* made the courageous decision to escape the widespread violence in Myanmar on her own when her mum died in 2015. She desperately wanted to get to Malaysia where her father and brothers were already living.

"I want everyone to hear my story"

Rasha wasn’t in her school in Syria when it was bombed – she was standing by the gate.

Syria | Middle East

Rohingya Map

They ran for their lives

Families have fled horrific violence. Villages have been burnt to the ground. Rahmmot and his mother are Rohingya, an ethnic group that is known to be one of the world’s most persecuted minorities.

Bangladesh | Asia

Pierre 7 Resized Web Small

He Weighed Half of What He Should

Pierre weighed just 7 kilograms when he was taken to a Save the Children hospital. That's just half of what a boy his age should be. He was severely malnourished and sick with pneumonia.

| Africa

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