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Diana just wants to be a doctor so she can help her community. The problem is that she lives in brothel town and her mother is a sex worker.

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CH1259830 Daphnee Cook 500px

Field Blog - A Year with the Rohingya People

Daphnee Cook, Save the Children's Media and Communications Manager in Cox's Bazar, reports from the frontlines of the Rohingya Crisis.

CH1101096 Jamila Lo

You saved children in 2018

Our supporters have achieved a lot for children in 2018. Here are some of the highlights.

CH1106721 Lo Copy

When an earthquake strikes, she can keep herself alive

Thanks to our supporters, Dianne* now knows how to keep herself alive in the next emergency

Philippines | Asia


A Motorbike Race Against Time

The rains don’t come when they used to. Droughts are now more frequent and long-lasting, putting the lives of children like little fourteen-month-old Fatchima at risk.

20161022 Nepal STC 4554

In the Shadow of Mt Everest

When we first met Anjali back in 2014, she wasn’t going to school regularly because she had to stay home and look after her younger siblings while her mother worked.

Nepal | Asia | Project Anjali


I Found Nur Alone and Crying

Rohima* tells us how she found 11-year-old Nur* alone and terrified after their village in Myanmar was attacked and people were brutally murdered, including his mother.

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