If you’ve lived a long and happy life, writing your will doesn’t have to be a solemn matter. In fact, it can be one of the most rewarding things you ever do.

By leaving a gift in your will (a bequest) to Save the Children you will touch the lives of some of the world's most vulnerable children and create lasting change well beyond your lifetime. Your gift can provide so much, from a community water tank to a classroom full of books.

Above all, a gift in your will can provide marginalised children with hope for a better future. One of those children is Anjali from Nepal, who dreams of being a teacher when she grows up. Watch Anjali's story here:

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Start by requesting your free Guide to Gifts in Wills now, which explains everything!



There are just a few simple steps you need to take when leaving a gift in your will to Save the Children. These are explained in our Guide to Gifts in Wills. Request your free copy now!

The guide will provide you with all the information you need before you visit your lawyer. 

As explained in the guide, you will need to include Save the Children’s full name and address details in your will to ensure that your gift will be easily administered in the future:

Save the Children New Zealand, PO Box 6584, Marion Square, Wellington 6141

Registered Charity Number CC 25367

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The Eglantyne Jebb Society

Leaving a bequest to Save the Children is the ultimate expression of support for the world’s most vulnerable children.


We wish to honour the special commitment of our bequest donors through membership of the Eglantyne Jebb Society, named for our inspirational founder, Eglantyne Jebb.


Our Supporters


Save the Children has many wonderful supporters who have recognised the powerful impact of leaving a gift in their will, knowing that it may be the most transformational gift that they will ever make.

We’d like to introduce you to some of them:


Inspired by Eglantyne Jebb - Lynne Charters

As a nurse, mother and grandmother, Save the Children supporter Lynne Charters has a longstanding interest in the well-being of children and wishes to see them realise their full potential. Inspired by our founder, Eglantyne Jebb, Lynne is leaving a gift in her will to help children living in poverty and hardship.

“I have the greatest respect for the work of Eglantyne Jebb and am deeply moved by her vision for children. Her mission to care for children and champion their rights has sent a very powerful message to the world, which continues to resonate 100 years after she founded Save the Children.

 Like Eglantyne, I believe that ‘the future of the world rests with the child.’ In the years to come I know that Save the Children will use my bequest to help children in need of care, protection and education.”

Lynne Charters

Continuing support for children - Diana Morrison

‘I have long been an admirer of the work of Save the Children and it has been a privilege in the past to work with some wonderfully dedicated people; volunteers with the same belief – that we have a responsibility for children throughout the world who suffer from poverty, famine, disease and violence, and with no hope of an education.

A child with good health and education, and hopefully a loving family, will grow up with a greater understanding of their world and may be empowered to contribute to their country’s development and so, eventually, to greater peace in their world.

I am no longer actively involved with the work of Save the Children but I am pleased that I can still contribute by leaving a bequest in my will; it is that simple.’

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A pledge for children - The Brown Family

You might not expect a 17-year-old student with a part-time job to commit to a charity. But that’s exactly what Lizzy Brown did back when she was a teenager. She believes in helping those less fortunate than herself, especially children living in poverty and hardship, so Save the Children seemed a perfect fit.

Lizzy is now a mother of two small daughters and continues to support children in need. She and husband Darren are regular monthly donors and they have also included Save the Children in their wills. To them, leaving a bequest is a meaningful way to continue their support for future generations of children – it is their lasting legacy.

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A family commitment - Feriel and Robin Falconer

'As a wider family we have been Save the Children supporters since the early 1960s. We have seen the changes from support of a specific child though to today’s community development programmes.

We are still able to give annually but also want to continue our support in the future, when we may not have available income. So, we have made a bequest in our wills. It is very simple and by stating it as a percentage of the estate we do not have to worry about specifying dollar amounts. It is satisfying to be able to continue supporting the work of Save the Children.'


A lifetime of giving - Ian and Elaine Leadley

Waikato farmers Ian and Elaine Leadley were longstanding supporters of Save the Children. Described by their daughter Chris as ‘good, honest, caring people’ they were loyal to Save the Children over many years, beginning with sponsoring children and continuing with regular gifting to an international programme. And Elaine always bought Save the Children Christmas cards! Ian and Elaine had a long life together, raising three children and celebrating 74 years of marriage.

They extended their lifetime commitment to helping children by leaving gifts in their wills. While Elaine left it up to us to use her gift where it was most needed, Ian was more specific. His bequest is being used to help run our preschool and primary school in the Daulatdia brothel in Bangladesh. Thanks to the generosity of Ian and Elaine and many other New Zealanders, children are receiving an education that will give them opportunities for a bright future.


If you would like to know more about leaving a gift in your will to Save the Children, please see our Frequently Asked Questions or request your free copy of our Guide to Gifts in Wills now.

To have a confidential conversation about leaving a gift in your will to Save the Children, simply contact: 


Diana Meads, Relationship Fundraising Manager

Phone: (04) 381 7577

Email: Diana.Meads@scnz.org.nz

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There are just a few simple steps you need to take when leaving a gift in your will to Save the Children.

The guide will provide you with all the information you need before you visit your lawyer. 

As explained in the guide, you will need to include Save the Children’s full name and address details in your will to ensure that your gift will be easily administered in the future:

Save the Children New Zealand, PO Box 6584, Marion Square, Wellington 6141

Registered Charity Number CC 25367

A will is a legal document that can safeguard the future of the people and causes you most cherish.  It records exactly how you wish your assets and possessions to be distributed after your death.  Having a will brings peace of mind, knowing that your affairs are in order.

A bequest is a gift in a will. It is a thoughtful way for you to support your loved ones and your favourite causes in the future.

From a legal perspective, a gift is a sum of money or an asset voluntarily transferred to the charity organisation, for which the donor does not receive anything in return. Bequests are gifts that are made as part of a will, and are transferred according to the donor's wish after their passing.

We recommend that you consult your lawyer or other legal advisor to ensure that your will is worded correctly and witnessed and signed properly. If you do not have a lawyer, contact:

The New Zealand Law Society

Phone: (04) 472 7837

Web: www.lawsociety.org.nz

Citizens Advice Bureau

Free phone: 0800 367 222,

Web: www.cab.org.nz

If you already have a will it is very easy for your lawyer to add a codicil (attachment) to keep your will up to date.

You do not need to be wealthy to leave a gift in your will. Bequests come in all sizes and are all valued by Save the Children. Many people find that a bequest is an ideal way to make a lasting contribution without impacting on their financial needs during their lifetime.

We appreciate that looking after your family is your priority. Once you are happy that their needs are provided for you may wish to consider leaving a bequest to Save the Children.

Your lawyer will be able to provide wording for your will to take account of any changes in your family or personal circumstances, such as marriage or divorce, and the birth of children or grandchildren. It is important to review your will regularly and make any updates that are needed.

There are a number of options for leaving a gift in your will to Save the Children:

A specific sum or percentage of your estate:

A specific sum is an option but it is a good idea to think about the effects of inflation over time. What may seem like a large amount now may not seem so in years to come. Nominating a percentage of your estate instead of a cash sum means that you do not have to keep adjusting your gift to allow for inflation.

The residue of your estate

You gift what is left from your estate after all other gifts and costs have been deducted.

A specific gift of property or other assets

Other than property, your gift could be of shares, bonds or insurance policies.

The following is the wording to use (delete as appropriate):

 “I give and bequeath to Save the Children New Zealand ___ (insert here either % of estate, or residue of estate, or a sum of money, or a description of property or assets) for general purposes. A receipt given on behalf of Save the Children New Zealand will be a complete discharge to my trustees for the bequest”.

We recommend that you first discuss your plans with your solicitor and your immediate family. Instruct your legal advisor or trust company to include the wording above in your will.

As your bequest is unlikely to be realised for some years to come, we recommend that it is made for general purposes, so that our successors can have the flexibility to direct it to the area of greatest need at the time. However, if you are interested in directing your gift to a specific area of our work please call us on 0800 167 168 to discuss some options.

We recommend you keep your family informed of your bequest intentions. We would also greatly appreciate knowing of your plans so that we can thank you for your support and invite you to become a member of the Eglantyne Jebb Society, named in honour of the founder of Save the Children.

As a member you will receive updates on our work and invitations to special events. There are no fees or obligations associated with membership; rather the Society has been established as a way for us to thank and acknowledge our very special bequest donors.

Any bequest details that you choose to share with us will remain confidential.