Hunger Crisis One Off Donation — Save the Children
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Cash Grants

Your gift could provide a family with a cash grant so they can buy essential food and medicine

Healthcare Supplies

Your gift could give health workers vital supplies like MUAC bands and scales to identify and manage malnutrition in children

Malnutrition Treatment

Your gift could help treat children with malnutrition by providing them with ready-to-use nutritious peanut paste

Water Programmes

Your gift could go towards setting up water trucking and feeding programmes at schools to encourage children to stay in school

Your choice

You can change a child’s life with a donation

Climate change, conflict and now the COVID-19 pandemic are pushing more people than ever before to the brink of starvation.

There’s no vaccine for hunger but there is a solution if you give today. Your one-off donation will be put to work ensuring we can reach as many children affected by the hunger crisis as possible.

If you can, please give today and help us save children’s lives.

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