Syria crisis

The humanitarian situation in Syria and the region worsens every day. The scale, brutality and duration of the conflict have created levels of need almost impossible to imagine, and have stretched limited resources to their breaking point. As the civil war intensifies, children are among the worst affected.

Inside Syria more than half of the 6.5 million people displaced are children, and some 4.3 million children are in desperate need of food,  shelter, medicine and psychosocial support. Children have witnessed and experienced extreme violence, and more than 10,000 young lives have been lost as a direct result

It is not just the bullets and the shells that are killing and maiming children. They are also dying from the lack of basic medical care. Syria’s health system has been devastated. As a result, increasing numbers of children are suffering and dying from diseases that would previously either have been treated or prevented from taking hold in the first place.

Save the Children is working around the clock to provide families with adequate shelter and protection from the elements. As winter settles in, it is increasingly important to ensure families have warm clothing, blankets, rugs, fuel and food. Winterised tents are crucial so children remain healthy, have a safe environment to play in, and can continue their education in makeshift schools.

We’re helping support children to deal with the horrific experiences they have been through. Our teams are working flat out to help meet some of the most critical needs of children and infants, but we cannot scale up our efforts to meet the growing need without additional funding.